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GandiBaat 3

Gandi Baat 3 is a web series of India which was released on 26 July 2019. Talking about episodes of Gandi Baat 3, this season has 4 episodes. The entire series of dirty talk is available in Zee5, Alt Balaji and Anvenshi Jain's apps. The Gandi Baat web series has been directed by Sachin Mohite for Alt Balaji. The Gandi Baat is only for 18+ people, children cannot watch this web series.

Gandi Baat 3 EpisodesGandi Baat 3 has only 4 episodes, whose name is something like this
RajkummarHarpreet weds HarpreetSonam Chad GyiHoneymoon on WheelsTamilrockers New Website 2020
Rajkumar Gandi Baat 3 Episode 1

Rajkumar is the first episode of Gandi Baat 3 in which a girl falls in love with a boat. The girl is Manglik, so the pandit says that she must first get married to a tree or some inanimate object. The girl's family wants her to get married as soon as the girl is young. The girl's sister-in-law gets ready to get her married with a boat. But in this episode, the twist comes after marriage, then you can see this episode by going to Zee 5 App or Alt Balaji's app to see what happens in that girl's life.

Star Cast

Jatin Bhatia 

Neetu Wadhwa 

Pallavi Mukherjee 

Ankit Kumar Gupta

Zafar Warsi 

Ranveer Pratap Singh 

Bhavna Karekar 

Gautam Saugat 

Pankaj Kansara 


Harpreet weds Harpreet Gandi Baat 3 Episode 2

Harpreet Weds Harpreet is a story of a couple in which both are named Harpreet. Both of them meet inside an elevator in Canada and they do romance on the same. Harpreet (boy) begins to see her girl everywhere and he falls madly in love with her. To see the rest of the story, you can see in the app of Zee5 and Alt Balaji.

Star Cast

Lalit Bisht

Sheeva Rana 

Shiny Dixit 

Bhawsheel Sanni 

Sunny Sachdeva 

Mridula Mahajan 

Aabha Paul

Farnaish Kaur

S.p.s Sandhu 

Raman Dhagga 

Rajinder Rozy

Sonam Chad Gyi Gandi Baat 3 Episode 3

Sonam Chad Gyi is the third episode of Gandi Baat 3, in which Sonam who works as a prostitute. Sonam gives her customer a token and according to the token number, Sonam romances with her customer. Sonam does her work on the train. You can see the rest of the story in Alt Balaji's apps.

Star Cast

Aasma Syed 

Rushali Arora 

Yajuvendra Singh 

Tarun Dudeja 

Jay Kumar 

Akhil Vaidya 

Anurag Mishra 

Prashant Kumar 

Sujail Khan 

Akshay Kumar 

Ajay Raman 

Paras Randhawa 

Uddhav Dharap 

Yogi Raj 

Honeymoon on wheel Gandi Baat 3 episode 4

Honeymoon on Wheel is the fourth episode of this web series. In this episode, the couple celebrates their own honeymoon inside a bus but later exchange the couple. This is a very fun episode, you must see it like this.

Star Cast

Priom Gujjar 

Akansha Sharma 

Zeeshan Khan 

Shikha Thakur 

Kunwar Vikram Soni

Palak Singh 

Rishikesh Ingle

Rohit Sharma 

Romit Baweja 

Gehana Vasishth 

Arjun Khurana

Nehal Valodiya